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Why employ a KMS broker?

Imagine trying to evaluate every type of loan in the marketplace? Comparing interest rates and repayment options (and not forgetting the fine print) is like comparing apples with oranges, which makes it pretty impossible to make an informed decision. On top of that, dealing with banks can be a frustrating process that’s tangled up in red tape and paperwork.

By using a KMS broker however, you’ll save yourself the hassle. Our team has an extensive, in-depth knowledge of the loans that are available, and long-standing relationships with the many financial institutions. We are able to match your particular financial goals to the best loan available and most importantly, at the best possible terms. Plus we’ll take care of all the paperwork, from start to finish. So not only will you save time, you’ll also save money.

So how does it work?

We’d like to meet you.
One of our team members will come to your home or office to go over the type of loan you require. At this initial consultation, we’ll talk over your financial goals and requirements,  and discuss the loans that are available to you. This meeting can be arranged after hours or even on weekends.

Haven’t found a property yet?
If you’re just starting out on your property search we can help you get pre-approval from the bank, so you know exactly how much you have to play with.

Already found a property?
No problem, we’re happy to sit down with you and help you get together the necessary financial and personal details. From there we can recommend the loan that best matches your needs and start your application.

Applying for your loan.
Once you’ve decided on your loan, we’ll help you get your application ready (including First Home Owners Grant if applicable), and push for a quick approval.

Your loan has been approved.
Once your loan has been approved, we’ll have the loan documents issued and set up an appointment with you to help you go over the paperwork, including the mortgage documents and contracts. At this time we can also set up accounts and direct debits. Then it will be our job to lodge the documents with the bank, and all you’ll have to do is wait for settlement.

What if I just want to restructure my existing loan portfolio?
We can help you with that too. At our initial consultation, we’ll go over your existing lending and determine whether we can provide a better solution through restructuring, refinancing or consolidating your existing loans. From there, the process continues as with any new loan; we’ll help you lodge your application, follow up with the bank and go over the mortgage documents once approval is given. 

What other services can you provide?
Becoming a KMS client gives you access to our extensive network of industry contacts. We can recommend professional property specialists that will assist you in the purchase of your property including conveyancers, accountants, building inspectors, property managers, financial planners and insurance specialists.

All of these services come at no cost to you, our client, as we are paid directly by the lending institution the loan is placed with.

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