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In 1998 Mike Sendy formed KMS Finance Brokers. Mike had a wealth of expertise, experience and local knowledge to share with his team, about home finance. KMS is now one of the market leader in SA. The team prides itself on providing personal, knowledgeable and up to date advice.

Kent Sendy

Kent Sendy

Kent started with KMS in 1998 and has worked successfully as a broker ever since. It’s fair to say that Kent has a great eye for investment potential, and from an unusually young age he’s been a serious player in the real estate market; buying, selling, renovating and developing.

Kent specialises in tailoring loans for investors and first home buyers, and his hands-on experience in the property market makes him a valuable resource for the astute investment client.

Kent is laid back, open and down to earth, and very willing to share his knowledge of the property market with all of our clients.

Justin Gargula

Justin Gargula

Justin brings more than 10 years experience in the finance industry to the KMS team. Before joining us, he spent 8 years with Westpac in various roles including lending, insurance and financial planning.

Justin’s relaxed, easy-going personality means he has special knack for making the daunting prospect of embarking on a major investment, seem easy. This is why Justin specialises in advising inexperienced borrowers either buying their first home, or developing a property portfolio. His commitment to really understanding his client’s needs is a big part of Justin’s success, and you’ll find his expertise in personalising a loan that really works for you, is all just part of the service.

Even Sendy

Evan  Sendy

Evan has recommended and arranged many loans for his valued clients. He has been exposed to the mortgage business from a young age. As Michael, Evan's father, looks to retirement Evan is becoming more involved in the mortgage business.

Evan prides himself on the personal approach he takes with his clients, and makes it his business to understand their needs

Lee Squeo

Lee Squeo

Lee brings substantial experience to KMS with more than 25 years in the finance industry. Early in his career he spent 6 years as a mobile lender with BankSA, so he knows his way around town – as well as the maze of loan options that are out there.

Specialising in residential and investment home loans, Lee is the person to see if you’re looking to be a home owner or a landlord. Lee describes himself as easy going and hard working, and we’re sure all of his clients would agree.

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